Treks in M’goun Mountain 4068 m, Ait Bougmez Valley

Treks in M’goun Mountain 4068 m, Ait Bougmez Valley

The M’goun Mountain, also known as Ighil Mgoun, is located in Central High Atlas at 4068 metres and is the fourth highest peak of the Atlas Mountains. The mountain is inhabited by the Ait Atta tribe who graze their goats and camel herds at the foot of M’goun during the summer months. The local Berber tribes live in small communities and lead semi-nomadic lives, utilizing the forests and amazing cultivated lands such as Ait Bougmez Valley and Rose Valley.

The wildlife that can be seen in these mountains include hare/rabbit,fox, toads,frogs, vultures, and the rare Bonelli-eagle. A few of the trees include junipers, oak tree, scrub willows, and poplars.

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7 Day trek in M’goun Mountain 4068m

The M’goun Mountain  4068m,  is located in the central part of the High Atlas Mountains . The  Mgoun summit consists of a long ridge that approach or exceed the 4000 meters over a distance of five  kilometers. In fact this is a ridge anticline . The rock to the surface, is a limestone disk. Its northern side has been sculpted by glaciers during the ice ages of the Quaternary so that today there are fourteen valleys aligned perpendicular to the ridge.

The Ighil Mgoun is a popular destination for hikers practicing trekking , in  Mgoun Mountain range where you feel you are really in wild area because of its remoteness. We at Berber Walk offer some stunning trekking tours for our adventurous travelers especially in autumn, summer months. Ait Bougmez valley

 Day 1: Marrakech To Ait Bougmez Valley:

Transfer from Marrakech to Ait Bougmez Valley (happy valley) via Azilal town. Overnight in Agoutti village. 7 hour of drive.

Day 2: Ait Ouchi village To Azib N’Arous:

After your lovely breakfast, you start Walking through several Berber villages as Ait Said Village to arrive your camp in Arous Village. 4 hour of walk.

Day 3: Azib N’Arous To Tarkeddit plateau 2900m :

after your nice breakfast, you hit the Aghouri mountain pass 3,550m via several zigzags in order to get the top. And then walking downhill to your Camp in Tarkeddit plateau.6 hours of walk.

Day 4: Climb Mgoun summit 4068m then downhill to Oulilimt :

Today, you wake up early morning and enjoy some breakfast, then you start Climbing the M’goun Mountain, it takes about 4 hours to be at the peak (4068m), but in case there is someone does not want to climb it it is OK, he/she can walk different way ( optional), camp in Azib N’Oulilimt . 8-9 hour of walk.

Day 5: Trekking journey from Oulilimt to Tighramt N’Ait hamd :

After sunrise and lovely fresh breakfast in gorgeous natural area, you start your trekking journey following great valley and through wild area (Aflalal). Night in Camp. 5 hours of walk.

Day 6: Tighramlt n’Ait Hamd To Ait Bougmez Valley ( Ait Imi village):

Hiking journey through Tizi n’Ait Imi mountain pass 1960m, and walking downhill to the happy valley of Ait Bougmez. Overnight in guesthouse. 6 hour of walk.

Day 7: Return to Marrakech via Azilal town, and possible to visit Ouzoud waterfalls.


Two people : 620 € per person

Four people: 510 € per person

Five people: 450 € per person

What is Included :

– Professional mountain guide

– Accommodation during days of your hike ( guest house, tents )

– Transport ( all transfers : from airport to your hotel, from hotel to starting point for hike. Transfer back to Marrakech

Mules to carry Our Travelers’ bags. and food.

– Food during days of the hike ( breakfasts, lunches, dinners)

What is Not Included :

– Travel inssurance – flights

– Tips for local team ( guide, driver, Muleteers) which is part of Moroccan culture.

– Soft drinks water, wine

Treks in Ait Bougmez Valley

Adventurers looking for a destination that is truly off the beaten track will find Ait Bougmez Valley in Morocco to be the perfect choice. Located in the central High Atlas Mountains, around 200 kilometers east of Marrakech, Ait Bougmez Valley is unspoiled nature at its best. It has been compared to the majesty of the Himalayan Mountains, its lush orchards and green pastures surrounded by snow-capped mountains being quite different from the usual images of barren beauty readily associated with Morocco.

The small towns with their mud brick houses scattered throughout the valley enhance its unspoiled atmosphere. To truly appreciate all that Ait Bougmez Valley has to offer, trekking should be done at a somewhat leisurely pace. Each day reveals another treasure as you come across charming villages and picturesque towns where the inhabitants continue to live in the way that their ancestors have before them, untouched by the stresses of the modern world.

Ait Bougmez Valley is also referred to as the Valley of Happiness, and if you enjoy the simpler things in life you may want to add this lesser known treasure of Morocco to your list of places to explore. hiking tours in Ait Bougmez valley with its wonderful green fields of apples and walnuts. during your 5 day Ait Bougmez valley hike, you will meet berber people who still live such traditional life in the valley;

5 Day trek in Ait Bougmez Valley

Day 1: Marrakech to Ait Bougmez valley:

meet your guide and driver at your accommodation in Marrakech then set off  your adventure driving through plaines of Alhaouz then pass by mountainous towns like Azilal town, and overnight in Berber guest house at Agouti village. 5 hours of drive includes some stops along the way for photos and lunch.

Day 2: Agouti-Sidi Moussa-Ifrane village:

After you have great Berber breakfast, you start your hiking journey along the valley and visiting the cereal storage of Sidi Moussa located on top of natural hill there. Then continue your trail in order to reach  Ifrane village where you have an amazing overnight at Berber guesthouse. 4 hours of hike

Day 3: Ifrane village-Izoughar– Iglouane village:

Right after you finish your breakfast, you start the hike across several appls orcherds and hiking uphill to Izoughar pastures for lovely picnic before you come back to spend the night in Iglouane village at guesthouse.  6 hours of hike

Day 4: Iglouane village- Ibaqliouene village:

after breakfast ,you begin your lovely adventure hiking uphill via Addazen mountain pass 2000m  where you get to enjoy stunning views over the green fields of Ait Bougmez, and the M’goun mountain, and then you follow the trail downhill to Ibaqliouene village 1860m. here, you get to visit dinosaur fingerprints then continue the hike to get your guesthouse in Ait Imi village.5 hours of hike

Day 5: Short walk to Tabant town-Marrakech:

lovely short walk across fabulous farms of walnut, apples in which you actually get to meet local people working in their feilds. Then you stop in Tabant where you enjoy cup of tea before you get picked up and drive to Azilal town for lunch and then  drive back to Marrakech. 1 hour of walk and 4 hours of drive.


– Professional mountain guide

– Accommodation during days of your hike ( guest house ! )

– Transport ( all transfers : from airport to your hotel, from hotel to starting point for hike. Transfer back to Marrakech

– Food during days of the hike ( breakfasts, lunches, dinners)

– water during the hike


– Travel insurance – flights

– Tipping for local team ( guide, driver, Muleteers) which is part of Moroccan culture.


Two people : 750€ per person

Four people: 650 € per person

Five people: 600 € per person

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