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Trekking is a great way to see and connect with all the natural beauty that Morocco offers. Our trekking tours allow you to experience the beauty and variety of Moroccan landscapes while witnessing the real Berber life in mountains, valleys, countryside and desert. Berber Walk is a local, Berber-owned tour company that specializes in trekking and insights into the Berber culture, but can also assist with any of your Moroccan tour needs (accommodations,tours, etc.)​

The Atlas Mountains, spreading over more than 700km, with several peaks of more than 4000 meters and hundreds more than 3000 meters, offer the most breathtaking and colorful views. You can experience many types of mountain terrain, from the highest North African summit of Toubkal mountain, to. An impressive M’goun mountain, volcanic Saghro mountain to the fabulous Sirwa massif. The High Atlas mountains are the most desirable destination for serious trekkers looking for high-altitude challenges such as climbing Toubkal – North Africa’s highest summit. These mountain ranges are also home to the native Berber people who fled to the mountains to maintain their personal freedoms.

During these treks you will have the opportunity to connect directly with the Berber culture by walking through numerous Berber villages situated on the scenic deep green valleys of the High Atlas range. We offer a wide range of services for those planning a trip to the High Atlas, from basic one day guided walks to full package treks, including transport to the region, accommodation, food, guides, mules, tents, cuisine, entertainment and much more. We are able to suggest itineraries to meet the requirements of our visitors based on their interests, the number of days available,the group size (from solo travellers to large groups), the difficulty of treks, and the quality of the food and accommodation required.​

If you prefer sand over mountains, we offer several treks in the Sahara desert where you can walk over spectacular golden sand dunes and hike through the gorgeous vast palm groves along the Draa Valley. You’ll have the unforgettable experience of spending the night in a desert camp deep within the Sahara, staring at the star-filled sky. You’ll also enjoy sunrise/sunset atop a sand dune. Moreover, another pretty trek along the atlantic ocean following camel trail. Coast of morocco has the beautiful landscapes and great opportunities for the people to enjoy cooler weather and lovely moments of swimming along the beach while travelling.​​

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We at Berber Walk can make it happen in the best possible way. Toubkal Mountain or Jebal Toubkal is a Mountain Peak in  the Western part of the High Atlas Mountains range, The Toubkal mountain peak is at 4,167m (13,671 ft)