The Anti-Atlas is a desolate world of rocky outcrops and lunar landscapes where the contrasts are extreme. Most of the land is dry and barren, but water gathers and runs in some remote places, forming clear basins. Berber villages in the mountains are limited to few small houses surrounded by palm trees. For those who are seeking a real adventurous holiday that includes walking tours, rock climbing and biking tours, there are two great regions:Tafraoute mountains and Siroua Mountain, Saghro Mountain The High Atlas is a region in Morocco covering the mountain range and surrounding destinations such as Marrakech. It’s a regular destination for mountain hikers, ski enthusiasts, or travellers interested in the indigenous Berber culture found throughout its many peaks and valleys.High Atlas mountain range is best mountainous area for several hiking, trekking, Climbing tours. Berber Walk Team offers lots of guided trekking tours,camping in wild area and exploring Berber culture. Toubkal national is situated in western part of the hike atlas, Mgoun mountain located in central high atlas. there are some amazing green valleys to explore such as Ounilla valley, Telouet valley, Ourika valley,Zat valley. The M’goun Mountain, also known as Ighil Mgoun, is located in Central High Atlas at 4068 metres and is the fourth highest peak of the Atlas Mountains. The mountain is inhabited by the Ait Atta tribe who graze their goats and camel herds at the foot of M’goun during the summer months. The local Berber tribes live in small communities and lead semi-nomadic lives, utilizing the forests and amazing cultivated lands such as Ait Bougmez Valley and Rose Valley. The wildlife that can be seen in these mountains include hare/rabbit,fox, toads,frogs, vultures, and the rare Bonelli-eagle. A few of the trees include junipers, oak tree, scrub willows, and poplars. Please contact us for more information on this tour or to have us customize a tour for you.