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    Keen to go for a climb in Toubkal Mountain?

    We at Berber Walk can make it happen in the best possible way. Toubkal M...

    We at Berber Walk can make it happen in the best possible way. Toubkal Mountain or Jebal Toubkal is a mountain peak in southwestern Morocco, located in the Toubkal National Park. At 4,167 metres (13,671 ft), Toubkal Mountain is the highest peak in the High Atlas Mountains, Anti Atlas and in North Africa.Toubkal Mountain is an ultra prominent peak located 64 km south of the city of Marrakesh, and is a popular destination for climbers. Indeed your decision to climb Toubkal Mountain can turn out to be one helluva adventure. At Berber Walk, our service is quite affordable for all types of travelers of young people and adult people. Toubkal Mountain is well known as hiking destination for lots of serious hikers who seek for the real adventures and surely they can enjoy a good time when climb the Toubkal Mountain. Serious hikers come from all over the world to climb this amazing mountain range .We at Berber walk offer several Toubkal hiking tours and the Atlas Mountains hiking tours as well as Berber villages hiking tours. High Atlas Mountains are all inhabited by the Berber people who live mainly in deep valleys such as Ourika Valley, Imlil Valley, Azzaden Valley, and Ouirgane Valley. Berber Walk Team provides Fantastic opportunity for those who want to try climb Toubkal Mountain and gorgeous adventures through the Berber villages. Walking holidays in Toubkal National park are the best things to do for pleasure and for benefiting from the clean air of Atlas Mountains.

    Treks In Mgoun Mountain 4068m

    Treks In Mgoun Mountain 4068m The M'Goun Mountain 4068m, is located...

    Treks In Mgoun Mountain 4068m The M'Goun Mountain 4068m, is located in the central part of the High Atlas Mountains . The Mgoun summit consists of a long ridge that approach or exceed the 4000 meters over a distance of five kilometers. In fact this is a ridge anticline . The rock to the surface, is a limestone disk. Its northern side has been sculpted by glaciers during the ice ages of the Quaternary so that today there are fourteen valleys aligned perpendicular to the ridge. The Ighil Mgoun is a popular destination for hikers practicing trekking , in Mgoun Mountain range where you feel you are really in wild area because of its remoteness. We at Berber Walk offer some stunning trekking tours for our adventurous travelers especially in autumn, summer months. Treks in Ait Bougmez Valley Adventurers looking for a destination that is truly off the beaten track will find Ait Bougmez Valley in Morocco to be the perfect choice. Located in the central High Atlas Mountains, around 200 kilometers east of Marrakech, Ait Bougmez Valley is unspoiled nature at its best. It has been compared to the majesty of the Himalayan Mountains, its lush orchards and green pastures surrounded by snow-capped mountains being quite different from the usual images of barren beauty readily associated with Morocco. The small towns with their mud brick houses scattered throughout the valley enhance its unspoiled atmosphere. Although the valley is not that easy to reach – until recently it was cut off from the world for four months of the year due to snow – it is well worth the effort, and there is no doubt that the best way to explore the valley is on foot. There are no marked trekking routes and finding your way along the network of old caravan trails and donkey paths requires the services of an experienced guide. To truly appreciate all that Ait Bougmez Valley has to offer, trekking should be done at a somewhat leisurely pace. Each day reveals another treasure as you come across charming villages and picturesque towns where the inhabitants continue to live in the way that their ancestors have before them, untouched by the stresses of the modern world. Some of the features of Ait Bougmez Valley include the Mgoun Massif Park with the spectacular Mount Mgoun – the second highest summit in North Africa – and the sparkling Ait Bougmez Valley Waterfall. The views in the valley are breath-taking and the villages tucked away in unexpected places are a pleasure to explore. Trekkers can either sleep in their tents or can arrange to stay with a Berber family overnight, offering a unique opportunity to gain insight into Berber customs. It is seldom that you will hear Arabic or French spoken in the villages of Ait Bougmez Valley, as the Berbers living there speak their native tongue

    Treks In Sahara Desert

    The Sahara is the world's largest desert. Only a small part of the Sah...

    The Sahara is the world's largest desert. Only a small part of the Sahara is fertile and it is here that corn, dates and other fruits grow. These parts are fed by underground rivers and oases. The Sahara can be an inspirational experience at night, with the air being crisp, clean and clear and the stars being so close you can almost touch them. The Sahara desert stretches across much of North Africa covering over 9,000,000 square kilometers (roughly the size of the United States). In fact, the Sahara covers some 30% of the entire African continent. It is the hottest place in the world with summer temperatures that often exceeds 57 degrees Celsius. It has an annual rainfall of 0 - 25 millimeters and is very windy with windstorms sweeping the sand up to heights of 1000 meters and moving the sand dunes constantly. The Sahara consists of one quarter volcanic mountains, one quarter sand, rocks and gravel-covered plains and small areas of vast permanent vegetation. The vegetation includes shrubs, grasses, and trees in the highland and in the oases along the river beds. We Offer few great trekking tours in Erg Chegaga area and along the Draa valley crossing several palm groves. Sahara Desert treks give our travelers feelings of being in really remote desert areas where you don't even hear sounds of people but only nice desert winds blow through golden sand dunes. We provide also camel trekking, camel riding, desert camping tours.

    Treks In Siroua Mountain 3304m

    Treks In Siroua Mountain 3304m The Jbel Sirwa, also spelled Djebel Siroua,...

    Treks In Siroua Mountain 3304m The Jbel Sirwa, also spelled Djebel Siroua, is a peak in the Anti-Atlas mountain range. It is an old stratovolcano that rises 3,304 metres (10,840 ft) above sea level. Siroua mountain is punctuated by numerous narrow valleys inhabited by the Berber people who are such small farmers growing saffron plants in their family terraces such Taliouine valley,Tidert valley and so on. We take lots of travelers for hiking tours, and climbing Siroua tours in there. You can join us for an amazing trekking tour of the Siroua mountain during the spring months

    Treks In Saghro Mountain 2712m

    Treks In Saghro Mountain 2712m The Jebal Saghro, is a remote area located in...

    Treks In Saghro Mountain 2712m The Jebal Saghro, is a remote area located in between the High Atlas Mounrains and Sahara Desert area. Saghro mountain 2712 metres, is home for local Berber nomads of Ait Atta Tribes. Saghro massif is volcanic mountain range which forms actually eastern part of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. The special time for hiking in Saghro is from September to May. Our fabulous treks in Saghro mountain are led by qualified mountain guides. During Our trekking tours, we get chance to meet Berber nomads of Ait Atta who were once the rough resistance for French colonization in Saghro massif ( Bogafer battle 1933).Our Treks go though the most beautiful landscapes of the whole mountainous area. Please contact us to find out about the trekking possibilities in one of our best mountain ranges in Morocco.

    Treks along The Atlantic Ocean ( Essaouira region)

    Treks Along The Atlantic Ocean ( Essaouira region) This trek follows the beach...

    Treks Along The Atlantic Ocean ( Essaouira region) This trek follows the beach and coastal dunes of Morocco in a northerly direction from Iftas to Essaouira for 4 days. Sometimes we head inland to explore the sand dunes, buildings of historical interest, and through the undergrowth of Thuya, Euphorbia and Argan trees. We will also visit pretty Moroccan fishing villages and follow some of the ancient caravan routes of the Portuguese. After our trek we spend 2 nights in Essaouira, a small town nestled inside fortress walls where you will have plenty of time to discover the architecture and freshly caught fish the town is renowned for before travelling back to the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

    Various Treks in Anti-Atlas, High Atlas

    The Anti-Atlas is a desolate world of rocky outcrops and lunar landscapes where...

    The Anti-Atlas is a desolate world of rocky outcrops and lunar landscapes where the contrasts are extreme. Most of the land is dry and barren, but water gathers and runs in some remote places, forming clear basins. Berber villages in the mountains are limited to few small houses surrounded by palm trees. For those who are seeking a real adventurous holiday that includes walking tours, rock climbing and biking tours, there are two great regions:Tafraoute mountains and Siroua Mountain, Saghro Mountain The High Atlas is a region in Morocco covering the mountain range and surrounding destinations such as Marrakech. It's a regular destination for mountain hikers, ski enthusiasts, or travellers interested in the indigenous Berber culture found throughout its many peaks and valleys.High Atlas mountain range is best mountainous area for several hiking, trekking, Climbing tours. Berber Walk Team offers lots of guided trekking tours,camping in wild area and exploring Berber culture. Toubkal national is situated in western part of the hike atlas, Mgoun mountain located in central high atlas. there are some amazing green valleys to explore such as Ounilla valley, Telouet valley, Ourika valley,Zat valley.

    Berber Walk Offers Luxurious Travel Holidays in Morocco

    Planning travel holidays in Morocco? Morocco sprouts a rich history from ever...

    Planning travel holidays in Morocco? Morocco sprouts a rich history from every nook and corner of its splendid architectural structure. A North African country flanked by Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Morocco easily grabs the attention of travelers and adventure junkies. Morocco has some stand-out vision of landscapes and amazing cities to its credit, because of which, the country has turned out to be one of the most sought after travelling destinations in the world. Indeed your plan for travel holidays in Morocco can offer you some extremely incredible moments. If your sense of adventure is all about heights and trekking, you are surely in for a treat. At Berber Walk, we assure to offer you the time of your life in the land of Morocco. Our trekking tour is the best to choose, if you truly want to feel and connect with the country, we can surely assist you sans any trace of hassle. So, before you pack your bags for travel holidays in Morocco, hire us to make a beautiful memory out of your Moroccan travel holidays.

    Exquisite Private Tours in Morocco

    It’s always a great idea to take off for a vacation and if you have time, mone...

    It’s always a great idea to take off for a vacation and if you have time, money and passion for travelling, then Morocco definitely is the destination that you can have a good time exploring. At Berber Walk, we offer private tours in Morocco, opting for which can make you enjoy some incredibly thrilling moments of fun. Morocco offers a delectable mix of ancient and modern culture that you seldom get to witness anywhere else in the world. We at Berber Walk ensure to help you live the true vibe of the country throughout your journey with us.




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Trekking tours is a great way to see and connect with all the natural beauty that Morocco offers. Our hiking tours in Morocco allow you to experience the beauty and variety of Moroccan landscapes while witnessing the real Berber life in Atlas Mountains, Green valleys, countryside and Sahara Desert Tours. Berber Walk is a local, Berber-owned tour company that specializes in arranging hiking tours in Morocco and insights into the Berber culture, but can also assist with any of your Moroccan tour needs (accommodations, tours, etc.)


The Atlas Mountains, spreading over more than 700km, with several peaks of more than 4000 meters and hundreds more than 3000 meters, offer the most breathtaking and colorful views. You can experience many types of mountain terrain enjoying walking tour via Berber villages or climbing tours in Atlas Mountains. We do organize lots of hiking tours to the highest North African summit of Toubkal Mountain, or to an impressive M’goun mountain in Central High Atlas or hiking tours in volcanic Saghro Mountainand in the fabulous Sirwa Mountain.

The High Atlas Mountains are the most popular destination for serious trekkers looking for high-altitude challenges such as climbing Toubkal Mountain- North Africa's highest summit. These mountain ranges are also home to the native Berber people who fled to the mountains. During the hiking tours in Morocco, you will have the opportunity to connect directly with the Berber people and enjoy their private culture. We offer walking tours through numerous Berber villages situated on the scenic deep green valleys of the High Atlas range. All our hiking tours in Atlas Mountains (Toubkal national park, M'goun Mountain) and plenty of hiking adventures in Sahara Desert are guided by our professional qualified mountain guides in Morocco.

We offer a wide range of services for those planning a hiking trips in the High Atlas Mountains, from basic one day guided walks to full package trekking tours, including transport to the region, accommodation, food, guides, mules, tents, cuisine, entertainment and much more. Berber walk team is able to suggest itineraries to meet the requirements of our visitors based on their interests, the number of days available, the group size (from solo travellers to large groups), the difficulty of treks, and the quality of the food and accommodation required.


If you prefer sand over mountains, we offer several walking tours in the Sahara desert where you can hike through spectacular golden sand dunes and walking via the gorgeous vast palm groves along the Draa Valley. You'll have the unforgettable experience of spending the night in a desert camp with Berber people in the middle of the Sahara Desert, staring at the star-filled sky. You'll also enjoy sunrise/sunset atop a sand dune.

Coast of morocco has the beautiful landscapes and great opportunities for the people to enjoy cooler weather and lovely hiking tours along the ocean and have moments for swimming in the beach while they do hiking tours by the ocean. We offer an amazing hiking tours in Essaouira region by the atlantic ocean, camping nights by the beach, hiking swimming tours.